Looking to upgrade or change your current IT solution? Not unlike the UK Government’s car scrappage scheme, you can trade in your current server(s) or change your hosted provider in exchange for an  allowence that is put towards the Citadel Hosted Solution. This is just one more way we can help our clients move to our private cloud allowing you to FOCUS ON YOUR BUSINESS NOT YOUR IT





Perhaps you need ten temporary staff for the summer? Maybe some more compute power to fulfill a number of large orders? Our platform is ideal for seasonal, growing or fluctuating demands. If you need to scale up or down, we can include this flexibility into your solution. Agility is one of the top drivers for business to adopt the cloud.

Disaster Recovery

What happens when disaster strikes? Your office loses power? A JCB cuts through the internet cable or your server hard drives fail? With Citadel it's simple. Just send your staff home, to the local WifI Hotspot such as a cafe or temporary office space? Even connect using your phone. Your applications and data are stored on our redundant platform not just for everyday use but also for when disaster strikes.

OpEx v CapEx

Citadel reduces the high cost of hardware by simply paying as you go. Take advantage of our subscription-based billing and remove those cash flow challenges. Plus the setup and management ensure those IT projects of the past are like a walk in the park. It has never been easier to move your IT to the next level.


Lost your laptop? PC Stolen? Servers not updated? All common occurrences. But what if your data was stored in a private cloud, protected by enterprise-class firewalls, intrusion protection and anti virus? What if all the software, operating systems and hardware were up to date and regularly maintained, safe from prying eyes? Keep your company data safe in the Citadel Platform and if you lose your laptop, no need to worry, just log on from another device and you are back up and running. We keep your data secure, so you do not have to.


GDPR. SECURITY. PERFORMANCE. The list goes on. Keeping your systems up to date is not only essential but also tedious. But how often do you do it? Or when you do is it in the middle of the night to avoid any business downtime? So don't do it. Let us take the pain away.

Work Anywhere

If you have an internet connection, you can be working. Want to make a quick change to that sales presentation or order? Have a member of staff that has to wait in for an emergency plumber? Not a problem. PC in the office Mac at home? iPad on the road? It is easy to connect to our platform from wherever you are. Business who offer flexible working plans to staff see increased productivity. Almost half of the workers even consider a pay cut to have a better work/life balance. Food for thought.

It's Green

Being green is not only good for the environment but good for business. No more airconditioned server rooms. No more power-hungry servers. All working out to be further reductions in costly overheads for the business. And on top of that, you can shout from the hilltops to your clients and potential clients about your green footprint. Win-win.

Productive IT Staff

Removing many of the daily tasks and chores of your IT team frees them up to focus on business needs. This could be the website, the CRM or ERP improvements or perhaps finding ways to improve processes to deliver efficiencies for the company. Leave the mundane but essential tasks to us and let your staff focus on the business.

Management Portal

Your management portal enables key staff within your company to carry out everyday tasks more efficiently and with confidence. Have a new starter? Just fill out the form and the new user is set up and ready to go in minutes. Need to add/remove access to some data. Just pop onto the portal. Want a new distribution list? The portal is there for you.

Focus on your business

What we do, what we deliver to our clients, our vision is all about you. We deliver service and technology to enable our clients to focus on their business and remove the burden of IT. Everything we do, from our platform development to on-boarding new clients to our first class support is about our clients and how we can support them in focusing on their business, not their IT.

The Platform

We host your data, desktop and your line of business applications. It is secure, backed up, redundant, licensed, patched, up to date, user friendly, and scalable allowing you to FOCUS ON YOUR BUSINESS NOT YOUR IT

The Desktop

Our hosted workspace is just like a traditional desktop with the advantages of the cloud. All of the standard office applications are included such as Anti Virus, Spam and Ransomware scanning together with company shared data.

Simplified Management

We give you the power to manage users from the unique management portal. New user needed? Fill out the details, press go and your new user is provisioned instantly, with their email, drives and permissions.


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