Frequently Asked Questions

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What are Citadel's standard Support Hours?

Our Helpdesk is open Monday – Friday, from 08:30 – 17:30 (BST)

I am leaving the company; can I have a copy of my Data (Emails / Calendar / Files)?

Please speak with your Company Administrator, who will be able to raise the request with the Citadel Technical Team.

For further information, or if you have any queries, please call our Helpdesk to speak with a Support Engineer.

How can I keep up to date with Platform Maintenance and the Platform Status?

Our Maintenance Schedule for the year has been communicated around to your Company Administrator(s).

The Maintenance Schedule can be found here (PDF).

Lastly, you can view an up-to-date platform status on: status.citadel.tech

When, or how often, do Citadel backup my Personal Data / Email / Shared Data?

All of your data is backed up daily and Citadel retains nightly restore points for 30 days.

If I have a non-support related query, whom do I contact?

Your first port of call should be your Account Manager. To contact our Office, please call (+44) 0345 340 2120.

What happens during a maintenance window and do I need to do anything?

On the day of the maintenance, ensure that you save all of your work and close down your open applications when you are finished for the day.

Once you have no application windows open, sign out completely.

How do I check the progress of an Open Ticket?

When our Support Engineers are working on your ticket, they will frequently update it to keep track of its progress. Updates will be provided to the email(s) that the ticket was submitted by.

If your enquiry is urgent, please call 0345 340 2110 to speak with a Support Engineer.

How do I reset my Password?

Method 1 – From within Your Apphub Desktop:
• When signed in to your Apphub session, click on the black bar at the top of your screen.

This is called the ‘Apphub Toolbar’ and gives us some session control options.

• Clicking the Apphub Toolbar will expand it downwards to reveal the options available to us.

• Once expanded, click on the ‘CTRL+ALT+DEL’ option.

Please Note: Pressing these keys on your keyboard will change the password of the Computer you are using, not your Apphub Session.

• You will then be able to select the ‘Change Password’ option.

Please ensure you know what your current password is as you will be required to enter it during the password reset process.

Method 2 – Your Password has Already Expired, preventing access to your Desktop:
• When attempting to sign in to your Apphub Desktop, you may be prompted that your password has expired.
• In this situation, you will need to browse to the following web page:


• Enter your Sign In Name and Expired Password
• Upon signing in, you will automatically be taken to a page where you can change your password.
• To do this, it will ask you to enter the following information:

Email Address:
(Current) Old Password:
New Password:
New Password:

What Credentials should I use when accessing different services?

Whether you are signing in to access your Desktop; or signing into https://mail.apphub.tech to access your webmail, the credentials are always the same.

If you do not know your Username or Password, please contact your Company Administrator.

All of our systems use the same Username and Password for you to access – except for your Spam User Panel. (Please refer to the Spam FAQ for assistance with accessing your Spam Control Panel).

How do I access my Apphub Desktop?

To access and sign in to your desktop, you will need to browse to the URL that has been provided with your Apphub Credentials.

Before signing in, you must have the Citrix Receiver installed.

If you have not been provided with your Credentials or the URL to access, please contact your Company Administrator.

What is the Citrix Receiver? Why do I need it?

The Citrix receiver is the secure application that allows you to connect to your Apphub Desktop.

Our Recommended Version is: 4.4.3 LTSR

You can find this version by clicking here.

How do I setup my device to access my Apphub Desktop?

Please ensure that you have downloaded and installed the Citrix Receiver.

You can find our recommended version of the Citrix Receiver here.

1. Download the Receiver from the page linked above.

Click the blue button in the centre of the page that says “Download Receiver for Windows” to begin

2. Once it has completed, select to “Run” the file.

Please close your Web Browser at this stage.

3. Follow the on-screen instructions to perform the installation.

4. Once installed, you can close the window that remains open asking you to “Add Account.”

5. We can now re-open the Web Browser and sign in to launch our Desktop.

What do I do if I have a problem with my Apphub Session?

Please speak with your Company Administrator to make them aware of the problem.

If needed, your Company Administrator can then raise the request with us.

How do I Sign Out?

Click on the Windows Icon in the bottom-left hand side of your screen. On the menu that opens, you will see your name in the top-right hand side. Click on your name, then click “Sign Out.”

What is the difference between ‘Disconnect’ and ‘Sign Out’?

Disconnecting – this leaves your session running in the background so that you can return to your open programs when you launch your desktop again. This is best suited towards closing the session for brief periods, such as a lunch break, but not having to re-open all of your work.

Signing Out – this closes your session down so that it is no longer running. When you re-connect to your Desktop, you will get a new session and there will be no applications open. This is best suited towards signing out when you are finished for the day and is similar in effect to shutting down your PC.

My Apphub Desktop Session has no icons. What should I do?

Right-click on your Apphub Desktop background and select “Refresh” – the icons should re-appear for you.If they do not appear, please contact our Helpdesk where one of our Support Engineers will be happy to assist.

Can my Apphub Session make use of multiple monitors?

Yes – you can make your session “Full Screen” over both of your monitors.

1. Ensure that your session is “Windowed” and not maximized.

To do this, click on your Apphub Toolbar and select “Window.”
If you can see “FullScreen” your session is already Windowed.

2. Click and drag on the Citrix Receiver Window until it is visible on both of your screens, as depicted in the screenshot below.

3. Then need to select “Full Screen” from the Apphub Toolbar.

Alternatively, select “maximize” as you would with any other application.

4. Your session will now be “Full Screen” across multiple monitors.

How can I install Custom Fonts on my Apphub Desktop?

Fonts can be installed by request, as long as the necessary license files can be provided. Please contact our Helpdesk to raise a Ticket for the installation.

I am unable to print from my Apphub Session, but can print locally. What should I do?

If you can print from your local machine, you should simply need to sign out and back in. The Citrix Receiver will map any Printers on the Computer through to your Apphub Session.

If you are unable to print from your local computer, please speak to your in-house technical team.

My Apple Mac is sending incorrect keys to my Apphub session, how do I fix this?

On your Mac Computer, Go to: /Users/Username/Library/Application Support/Citrix Receiver

Open the Config file with a text editor

Change the following line:
– KeyboardLayout=(User Profile) into KeyboardLayout=United Kingdom

Save the file and re-try.

My Desktop performance seems slow or actions appear delayed. What should I do?

Check your Internet connection for quality and speed. If you have high latency, this will cause a delay in typing and performing actions.

www.speedtest.net will give you your upload, download and latency speeds. If your latency is above 50ms, you may experience lag when typing.

If you believe your connection to be strong and you are having issues, please contact the Helpdesk.

I have an Application that has become unresponsive. What should I do?

1. Attempt to close the application. Select the “X” in the top-right hand side of the screen.

Alternatively, right-click the Icon on your taskbar and select “Close Window.”

2. If that does not work, close all other applications and save your work before signing off your Apphub Desktop. This will close all open applications and means that, when you sign back in, the problem application will no longer be open.

3. If your new Apphub session still has the same problem, please contact the Helpdesk for further assistance.

How do I add my email account to my mobile device?

Depending on your device, the place to enter the email settings may differ. For your convenience, we have provided the steps required for iOS and Android. In the case of other manufacturers, please refer to your Mobile Device User Guide for further information.

iOS (Correct as of version 11.2.6):
1. From the Home Screen, Open “Settings”.
2. Open “Accounts and Passwords”.
3. Press “Add Account”.
4. Select “Exchange”.
5. Enter your Email Address and a Description, press “Next”.
6. Enter your Password, press “Next”.
7. If you are prompted to add more information, please reference the “Settings” section below.
8. Finally, choose which features you want to have active (Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Notes) and press “Save”.
9. You can now use your email within the Apple Mail App.

1. Open “Gmail”
2. Tap on the Three Lines in the top left to open the menu.
a. Scroll to the bottom of the list and tap “Settings”
3. You will see “General Settings”, a list of the current accounts connected and the option: “Add account” – Select “Add account”
4. When prompted, select “Exchange and Office 365” as your Email Provider.
5. Enter your Email Address.
6. Enter your Password.
a. If prompted for any other information, please refer to the next section below.
7. The Application should now perform a look up for your email address, find your account within our systems and finalise the setup.
8. You can now use your email within the Android Gmail App.

The settings that you need to enter are as follows:
• Email Address: [email protected]
• Password: Your Password
• Sign In Name: This may differ from your email address, it is what you use to sign in to your Apphub Desktop. [email protected]
• Mail Server: mail.apphub.tech
• Description: Give the account a memorable name

Can I access my Emails without signing in to my Apphub Desktop?

Yes, through Apphub Webmail. To do so, browse to mail.apphub.tech and sign in using the same credentials you would use to access your Apphub Desktop.

My Mailbox is running low on storage space. What should I do?

Contact your Company Administrator for further assistance.

How do I access my Spam Settings and Control Panel?

Open a web-browser and browse to the following web address: mp.mailhub.tech

Enter your email address and then click “Email me a link to sign in”

Click on the link from your email, which will open a web-browser and automatically sign you in.

To set your Password you then need to select “Settings” from the menu on the right-hand side of the page. Under the “User Details” tab you will have the option to set your password.

Please Note: your Spam Account uses a different password as it is external to the main Mail Systems.

When, or how often, do Citadel backup my Email?

All of your data is backed up daily and Citadel retains nightly restore points for 30 days.

I have mistakenly deleted an Email and need to recover it. How do I do this?

Please Contact the Helpdesk where you can speak with one of our Support Engineers, who will be happy to assist.

I have mistakenly deleted a File/Folder. How do I recover it?

Please contact the Helpdesk, where you can speak with one of our Support Engineers, who will be happy to assist.

When, or how often, do Citadel backup my Personal Data / Shared Data?

All of your data is backed up daily and Citadel retains nightly restore points for 30 days.

What are Citadel's standard Support Hours?

Our Helpdesk is open Monday – Friday, from 08:30 – 17:30 (BST).

What is the Citadel Heldesk email address?

You can email us at [email protected].

What is the Citadel Heldesk phone number?

You can call us on (+44) 0345 340 2110.

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